Meet <i>Freeridge</i>'s Core Four in a Never-Before-Seen Clip From the <i>On My Block</i> Spin-Off

The On My Block cinematic universe is expanding with a new core four in Netflix's latest comedy series, Freeridge. The new show follows sisters Gloria and Ines and their BFFs, Demi and Cameron, as they navigate high school with an unexpected twist. They accidentally unleash a curse that begins messing with their personal lives. As they try to undo the curse with spiritual practices like spells and crystals, they also enlist the help of Gloria and Ines' Tío Tonio, who's always looking to make som

What Does "X" Mean in Text?

P.O.V: You're texting your crush to see if they'd want to hang out after school, and they hit you back with "Sure, see you later x." You instantly feel butterflies because they agreed to spend some time with you, but then feel a wave of confusion because of the random "x" they included at the end of their message. What does "x" mean in text, and is it a good thing?

There are so many abbreviations and trending words we send in texts every day, and it can be hard to keep up with new ones as they

Miley Cyrus Celebrates "Flowers" No. 1 In a Plunging Black Mini Dress

More than 15 years into her ~iconic~ career, Miley Cyrus is receiving flowers for her single, "Flowers." The singer released the track on January 13 — a.k.a her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth's birthday — which made fans eager for it to drop. The lyrics seemingly allude to her tumultuous relationship with the Hunger Games actor, who she met while shooting their movie, The Last Song, in 2009, and fans even came up with theories regarding the song.

Because of all the Easter Eggs that were allegedly s

All the Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift's "Lavender Haze" Music Video

Just when things got suspiciously silent on Taylor Swift's side of the internet, her official fan club Taylor Nation announced that her long-awaited music video "Lavender Haze" would meet Swifties at midnight on Friday, January 27. "Been dying to get this off our chest: #LavenderHazeMusicVideo out tonight at midnight. 💜," the post's caption reads.

Upon its release, Taylor also shared a post about the making of the music video, which she wrote and directed alongside "Anti-Hero" and "Bejeweled."

What We Know About "How I Met Your Father" Season 2 Cameos

*Spoilers for How I Met Your Father below!*

Season two of How I Met Your Father is officially here, and while we still don't know who the father to Sophie's son is, we do know that some ~iconic~ cameos are in store for the rest of the season. After Cobie Smulders made a cameo as her How I Met Your Mother character, Robin Scherbatsky, in the season one finale of Hulu's spin-off, fans were eager to see if more characters from the original CBS sitcom will be making an appearance in the upcoming

Does Jen Find Her Superpower on Hulu's <i>Extraordinary</i>?

In Hulu's new sitcom, Extraordinary, everyone is granted their own superpower when they turn 18... except for Jen, who's 25 and still waiting to get hers. The eight-episode comedy series explores Jen's journey as she desperately navigates the world without powers. To discover her potential superpower, she must find a way to be content with herself as she currently is.

Along the way, she comes across other people like her BFF/roommate Carrie and human shapeshifter Jizzlord, who help her discov

What Do the Snapchat Emojis Mean? Here's What We Know

Let's be honest — sending Snapchats back and forth with your besties totally beats a regular text message. With all the fun filters and features the app provides, you can express any emotion in unique ways that'll spice up any convo. If you're sending snaps to your favorite people on the regular, then you've probably seen the lil emojis that pop up next to their username.

Whether you see a fire emoji (🔥) next to that ongoing streak with your crush or a yellow heart (💛) next to your neighbor's n

Twitter's Reactions of Jay Kelso's Resemblance to His Parents on "That '90s Show" Are Priceless

*Spoilers for That '90s Show below!*

That '90s Show just hit Netflix on January 19, and fans are already loving the new generation of misfits in Point Place, Wisconsin. The streamer's spin-off to the beloved sitcom follows Leia, the daughter of That '70s Show characters Eric and Donna, as she spends the summer at the same house where her parents grew up alongside friends like Jackie, Kelso, and Fez. Leia isn't the only child spawned from our favorite OG characters, though. Kelso and Jackie's so

Here's Every Song You Heard on "How I Met Your Father" Season 2

*Major spoilers for How I Met Your Father season 2 below!*

The second season of How I Met Your Father hit Hulu on Tuesday, January 24, which means Sophie and the gang are back for more relationship up and downs in NYC. In the first episode of the new season, we catch up with them when Ian arrives after Sophie's gallery show. Sid and Hannah also throw an impromptu wedding reception at their local hangout, Pemberton's, with the rest of the group. With a party in tow and a lot of emotions on the l

Here are the Real Ages of the <i>Teen Wolf: The Movie</i> Cast

Teen Wolf first aired on MTV in 2011, which means Tyler Posey was only 20 years old when he played 16-year-old alpha wolf Scott McCall. Since then, the supernatural show found success and a dedicated fan base that tuned in for its six-season run. The series even made household names out of some of its stars who grew up while filming the show, including Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, and Colton Haynes. Now, most of the Teen Wolf pack is back for an all-new revival movie that's hitting Paramount+ on

Shook At How Close These Steve Madden Boots Are to Dua Lipa’s Miu Mius

Over the past few months, Dua Lipa has effortlessly transitioned her chic fashion sense from mild weather vibes to cool girl winter. In her latest Instagram post, the 27-year-old singer swapped her tried and true tropical bikinis for a little black dress and an oversized faded leather jacket. She also opted for knee-high chunky brown boots with buckle details, which makes for an equestrian-inspired winter 'fit.

Dua also rocked an ultra-long braid with a Y2K-inspired zig-zag part as she posed on

How Did Tess Die in HBO's <i>The Last of Us</i>?

*Spoilers for The Last of Us below!*

HBO's latest hit series, The Last of Us, has already broken records thanks to its dedicated fanbase from the PlayStation video game of the same name. According to HBO, 4.7 million viewers tuned into the series when it premiered on January 15 — which was "nearly double" the number of viewers who watched the season two premiere of Euphoria. The series — which stars Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and Storm Reid — is based in a post-apocalyptic society 20 years i

A Complete Guide to (Almost) All of Miley Cyrus' Tattoos

Aside from her iconic music albums and her impressive acting range, Miley Cyrus is known as the queen of tattoos. From large, intricate ink to dainty little tats, the "Flowers" singer has them all. She's gotten tattoos in honor of her siblings, to immortalize her late pets, and even has matching ink with Pete Davidson and her ex, Liam Hemsworth.

The former Disney Channel star has also inked autographs and handwritten notes from her favorite musicians like Johnny Cash and Yoko Ono (celebs, the

"Teen Wolf: The Movie" is Coming Soon — Here's Where You Can Stream It

MTV's supernatural series Teen Wolf may have ended in 2017, but we'll finally get to reunite with our fave characters from Beacon Hills thanks to its official spin-off, Teen Wolf: The Movie. Stars like Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Colton Hayes, and Crystal Reed are returning for the highly-anticipated follow-up to the beloved MTV show.

In Teen Wolf: The Movie, a full moon rises in Beacon Hills, and a "terrifying evil" has come along with it, which means that wolves are howling on

How Did "That '70s Show" End? What to Know Before Watching Netflix's "That '90s Show"

Nearly six years after the series finale of Teen Wolf, the wolfpack is back together for Teen Wolf: The Movie. The latest installment of the Teen Wolf cinematic universe follows grown-up Scott McCall as he calls on his trusted friends and new allies to fight a deadly force of evil during a full moon. Before the beloved MTV series ended back in 2017, it catapulted stars like Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Arden Cho, and Colton Haynes into superstardom.

But, before we make our way back to Beacon Hil

How Did "That '70s Show" End? What to Know Before Watching Netflix's "That '90s Show"

We're officially making our way back to Point Place, Wisconsin in Netflix's That '90s Show nearly 20 years after the finale of That '70s Show. Set in the summer of 1995, the spin-off to the FOX sitcom follows a new generation of teens — most notably, Eric and Donna's daughter, Leia — as they hang out in the Formans' basement. Some of the original characters from That '70s Show like Eric, Donna, Jackie, Kelso, Fez, Kitty, and Red, have also reunited in the new show.

Before you cozy up on the cou

Experts Share What Color You Should Dye Your Hair

It's time — you've been fighting the urge to dye your hair for a while now, and you're ready to enter your latest color era with freshly tinted tresses. Whether you're a seasoned pro who's gone through every shade on the color spectrum or a newcomer who doesn't know where to begin with a hair color switch-up, the question remains: What color should I dye my hair?

There are tons of possibilities for your next hair color — are you into a natural brunette moment, or are you looking to spruce up yo

Here Are the Biggest Takeaways from <i>The Price of Glee</i> Docuseries

Content warning: This article contains discussions of death, suicide, and violence that some may find upsetting.

Investigation Discovery's new docuseries about the dark behind-the-scenes truth of the award-winning teen musical series, Glee, officially hit Discovery+ on January 16. The Price of Glee not only captures the meteoric rise of the Ryan Murphy-led series, but the tragic deaths of some of its cast members, including Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera.

Through interviews with publicists, c

Fashion's Favorite Pop Star Dua Lipa is a Co-Chair for the 2023 Met Gala

The first Monday in May is nearly upon us (s0rt of), which means it's almost time to see our favorite celebs unveil new iconic fashion moments at the Met Gala in New York City. Over the years, A-listers like Zendaya, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Conan Gray, Timotheé Chalamet, and the KarJenners have graced the Met steps with show-stopping looks at the coveted fashion event hosted by Vogue's Anna Wintour.

In January, it was announced that Dua Lipa will co-chair the gala alongside Wintour, Michaela Co
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